Free wait list software - the way it should be

Childcare Link is the first province-wide community-driven child care wait list platform. At its core, it is a centralized wait list system that was built from the ground up with the needs of child care facilities in mind.

How many centres are using it?

There are already over 200 facilities from the across the province using the platform.

Who can use it?

During the pilot phase, any child care facility in Manitoba can use Childcare Link. We intend to expand to other provinces in the future.

Is it really free?

Yes. We believe that finding quality child care shouldn’t cost money. We also believe that child care facilities should not have to absorb the cost of managing wait lists. Our goal is to keep the service free for families and facilities.

Will this replace OCCR?

We hope. With the retirement of the Online Child Care Registry, the government left a lot of work for both families and child care facilities. We recognize that centres need an easy system that delivers results quickly. We also know that families shouldn’t have to navigate countless systems to add their child to wait lists in their area. We hope that many centres choose this community-based option.

Can I bring over my data from OCCR?

Absolutely. We have an automated tool that will process your OCCR export and reach out to families to confirm their desire to remain on your list and also complete the information that was missing in the file provided by ELCC.

Can I customize my wait list?

Yes. We have hundreds of fields to choose from and the ability to determine which ones are required or optional. As we conduct more focus groups, we will be adding even more options to make your wait list reflect your requirements.

Will it work with child care management software?

Our goal is to provide an open platform that will be accessible to any child care management software that chooses to integrate. Currently there is direct integration with Fastoche, but we will be opening up our APIs to other vendors in 2022 once we have completed focus groups with them.

Is Childcare Link affiliated with the government?

No. Our repeated requests to meet with the Minister of Families have been refused. We receive no funding or support of any kind from the province.

Is Childcare Link endorsed by MCCA?

No. The Manitoba Child Care Association does not endorse or promote any specific wait list solution. The association encourages its members to seek out services that suit their individual business needs.